Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Prizes

Here are a few more of the prizes we have recieved. Some of the other prizes I dont have pictures for right now are:
2 Signed Books by Julie Kenner
Signed book by Bertrice Small
Signed book by Charlaine Harris
2 Books from Forresters Book Garden
4 Gift Cards for Walmart from Sarah Fleming Realty
XM Sattelite Radio package won from BT and donated by Jake
3 DVD's won from BT and donated by Me (Burn after Reading, The Women and Hamlet 2)
$25 Gift Card from Scholers Choice
3 $25 Gift Cards from M&M Meats
and maybe more to come : )

Breakfast Television

Since Jake had to go to Sick Kids for his biannual appointment with his Neurosurgeon Dr Dirks on Monday June 8th Jake, we decided to go watch BT in person for fun. We had a great time and everyone was so amazing. They even talked to Jesse and Jake on air which was adorable. Jesse was his usual shameless self flirting with everyone and Jake was quite shy (for a change)

The staff who make the show run are incredible and made us feel very welcome. Kevin Frankish was awesome with Jake and let him take his picture. He even told Jake he was welcome to come visit ANYTIME -- he didnt even have to ask permission. Jesse is extremely smitten with April, Michelle and Janine (sp?) -- and I caught him checking out Tracey Moore's boobs -- the little flirt! We were not able to mention Spina Bifida on air, but I havent given up hope yet -- maybe Helen can get them to do an interview with someone at the SB&H for exposure.

I brought all the staff some of my goodies and passed on a Julie Kenner book to Jen for her to read. The only real disappointments of the day were that Dina wasnt there -- and we didn't get a picture of Frankie Flowers : ( All in all it was a fun time and we will definately go back when Jake has to go for an MRI in December. Here are a couple of pics

Friday, June 12, 2009

Spirit Wheel Walk Run 2009

Well ladies and gents, my walks are done! I just want to thank all the wonderful -- and brave people who tackled the giant hill and the rest of the walk in Bolton. Its pretty late and I am typing this in Jesse's room while he slumbers, so this is just going to be a short blog -- More to come later. Here are some shots of my amazing friends and family at the walk. You guys are INCREDIBLE -- the J Rayments and all those living with Spina Bifida THANK YOU!!! I will have a final total around the end of June, but I think we made it pretty close to $2000 -- and that is WITHOUT getting on BT and talking about the walk. WE ROCK!