Friday, October 28, 2011

Jake's Birthday

As promised here are some of the pictures from Jake's birthday party -- just decorations and stuff -- was so busy with the kids during the party that I forgot to take pictures. Thank you to everyone for suggestions for Jake's Birthday Party.  Here are some of the pictures - unfortunately the ones I took with the Ipod look like crap, so I didn't include them

Jesse helped me with this

Bloody Eyeball Punch (Huge Hit!)

Brains in a Jar
These taste YUMMY!

Sweet Revenge Cupcakes in Bolton

Goodie Bags with gummy body parts, whoopie cushions, fake snot & gift card for Empire Theatres

Me and Freddie Krueger

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spina Bifida Calenders

"Thank Goodness It's Friday" Lottery Calendar

 Now available!

SB&H has created another fabulous lottery calendar! What makes our calendar so special is its focus on spina bifida and hydrocephalus combined with the opportunity to win $15,000 in cash prizes from $100 to $1,000.
The 2012 calendar features the amazing work of artist Lorna Wreford, 73, living with spina bifida. Her unique style of fine-line drawings tinted with water colours reflects the beauty of the Canadian countryside and images of fancy. We are confident that you will love this one-of-a-kind 9” x 12” wall calendar!

Buy one for yourself or give them to mark special occasions. The calendar is a unique gift for everyone on your holiday list from family members to colleagues and is a fantastic way to promote awareness of spina bifida and hydrocephalus in your community.

Become a calendar seller and help make the 18th year of this fundraising and awareness initiative a success! If you have thought about volunteering for SB&H but don’t know where to begin, think no more. Join our 100+ sellers by taking 10 or 20 calendars. Your efforts will help us meet our goal of selling 3,000 calendars!
Each year, calendars are sold province-wide to friends, family, neighbours, co-workers or business associates. Please join our team of dedicated individuals. You can make a difference!

Calendars are $20. Proceeds help support vital SB&H programs and services.


To purchase your calendars you can  purchase them directly from Me  or for other ways to purchase or for information about selling your own copies contact the SB&H

Great Reasons to Buy a TGIF Lottery Calendar

  • Proceeds will assist children, youth and adults living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across Ontario.
  • This important annual fundraiser provides stable funds for SB&H programs and services.
  • The calendar is an excellent way to inform friends, co-workers and the community about spina bifida, hydrocephalus and the Association.
  • This is an attractive, functional 9” x 12” wall calendar featuring the beautifully detailed paintings of artist Lorna Wreford, 73, living with spina bifida.
  • The TGIF calendar is a unique gift idea for the holiday season or just to show you’re thinking of someone.
  • Buyers have a chance to win cash! In fact, they can win more than once since winning tickets are returned for the next draw.
  • Win once and the calendar pays for itself!
Draw details
  • Weekly cash prizes throughout the year worth a total of $15,000!
  • A win guarantees a minimum cash prize of $100!
  • Thank Goodness Its Friday means that you can win cash every Friday throughout the year.
47 prizes of $100 Thank Goodness It’s Friday (Fridays January to May & July to December)
5 prizes of $200 Thank Goodness It’s Friday June Special (Fridays in June marking Awareness Month)
12 prizes of $100 First of the Month Bonus (First day of each month)
12 prizes of $250 Mid-Month Madness (15th of every month)
12 prizes of $100 Payday Advance (27th of every month)

...PLUS 11 fabulous bonus draws
$200 Valentine’s Day
$200 Family Day
$200 St. Patrick’s Day
$200 Victoria Day
$200 Canada Day
$1,000 SB&H Anniversary
$200 Labour Day
$250 Thanksgiving
$200 Remembrance Day
$500 Holiday Giveaway
$750 Year End Special

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camping at Six Mile Lake

We couldn't get a campsite at Mikisew or Killbear for our annual camping holiday this year, so we decided to try out Six Mile Lake.  It was nice and close, in fact it took us only 1.5 hrs to get there, which is awesome when you have a child who doesn't like to be in a car (yes that means you Jesse!).   I would definitely recommend it for a quick getaway, but not the greatest place for camping with a trailer. We actually lucked out with our campsite because it was amazing compared to the other sites.  Really a weird set up with some campsites that you parked your car at the bottom and had to climb up to your site.  And others that were just big opens spaces with no privacy.  Ours took us almost 30 minutes to park in (weird angle) but other than that, it was lovely.

The beach was nice for families, with a big open space, lots of place to swim, picnic tables and a playground (which Jesse was obsessed with -- just kept saying big slide, big slide) near by.

Our week was fantastic with lots of swimming, hiking, biking, feeding chipmunks, fishing, watching the snake program, eating yummy pie irons and I just got to spend lots of time with the boys (mostly Jesse, Jake had found friends his age he wanted to hang out with). 

It was a perfect vacation until the last 2 hours of the trip when I took a massive fall with Jesse. I'm still recovering from it and it happened almost a month ago. Thank goodness Jesse wasn't injured in the tumble

Here are some of my favorite pictures (Sorry there are a lot of them)

Jesse, Jake and Scaredy Feeding chipmunks

Ahhh, they are being nice to each other

Big Chute Marine Railway

Pretty falls, cannot remember the name of the town right now
Hiking at Six Mile Lake

Jesse and Jeff on our hike

Don't you just want to hug him, so adorable

Slave Jake and his Master Jesse

Before the fall (Sorry the picture of after are not pretty and will not be included)

Caught playing on the playground - hey I'm a hands on Mom

Jesse's favorite hangout while camping

Jake also enjoyed

Learning about Ontario Snakes
Jesse's 1st fish

Jeff's nemesis the snapping turtle who stalked him while fishing

Pie Irons, if you haven't had one before - its pure heaven

Daddy teaching Jesse how to fish (Jesse caught more than Jeff did that night)

Future Daredevil

Fergus Highland Games August 2011

This wasn't as fun this year, since Jesse was in a seriously bad mood. Next year Jeff and I are going by ourselves. Well at least I got to eat my yearly Haggis Pie (Seriously its good!) and we all shared the Deep Fried Mars Bar - so bad but sooooo good. Also got to meet up with my mom's old crush Tom Leadbeater.

Here are a few pics

Jake, Miss Canada and some knight dude

The Knight asked Jake did his Mom teach him how to fight - nice eh?
Things would have been a lot more fun if he had done this earlier, not 15 minutes before we were going home!

Strapping Scottish boys throwing heavy shit - love it, love it!

More kilt wearing boys - yummy

Niagara Falls 2011

Our Trip to Niagara Falls August 2011

Movieland Wax Museum - Harry Potter

Movieland Wax Museum - Simpsons (And Jake)

The reason why we ran through half of the Movieland Wax Museum (Freaked Jake out)

What Jesse and Daddy did while we were at museum

Check out the rainbow

Journey Behind the Falls Trip (Jeff is only 1 who had done it before)

Up close - but not stupid up close - people that is why there is a barrier - this is mother nature at its fiercest

Little daredevil

Love this pic - next time we are playing a game

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raffle Winners

Just wanted to thank everyone for being so generous with donations and I wish you could have all won. All the prizes were picked out of a basket by Jake - he say's chocolate or itunes bribes would have changed the results LOL!

Raffle Winners

Scrapbooking Package - Dawne H.
Signed YA Pack - Maegan Best
YA Arc's - Kiera Watters
Kelley Armstrong - Jennifer Vallier
Mary Janice Davidson - Evil Andie
Naughty But Nice - Stacy's Books
Electronics - Clare Rayment
Middleschool - Kathy from Bolton
BestSellers - Sarah Hamil
Romance - Janice Guzik
Fiction Arc's - Melanie Windover
Jen's Fav's - Krisi Pontious
Picture Books - Natasha
Hair - Maria Soares
Gardening - Denise Rooney
Kobo  - Casey Telford
Spa Pack - Elizabeth Best


Lavender Lines - Choice of Signed Book
Leora Heilbronn- Choice of Signed Book

I will contact you all to get address' to mail out items -- well when Canada Post goes back to work

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garage Sale

Garage Sale for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

This year, we hope to have hundreds of people helping us make spina bifida and hydrocephalus household words.

When: Saturday June 25, 2011

Where: 108 Hickman St in Bolton

Time: 8:00 – 1:00

Items: Infant and Boys toys, furniture and clothes, Books, DVD’s, CD’s, crafts, women’s clothes and much more.

No REASONABLE offer will be refused


Lemonade stand, Coffee and sweets too!!!

All money raised to go towards the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario

Donations can also be made online for Spina Bifida:

(Choose Donate Now and Under “Fund Designation” please choose “2011 SWWR - Jake’s Journey”)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Promoting Raffle Contest

Ok kids, not selling very many tickets this year so I'm going to try and bribe you all to promote the Raffle

Anyone who promotes the raffle in any way - Blog Post, Twitter, Face-book will get an entry into the following contest. If you get someone to purchase a ticket, you get 5 entries into the contest.  For those who have already done promotion just make a comment below and will put your name in

Here is the link to the Raffle Page:

Will have a chance to win some prizes too. You even get to choose what you win.

Signed Bertrice Small

Signed Men of the Other-world by Kelley Armstrong

Signed Abandon by Meg Cabot

Signed Carte Blanche by Jeffrey Deaver

$20 Gift Card for Chapters or Tim Horton's (Or if you are American I will substitute something for you guys)

Ends June 26th

Jake's Journey - Spirit Wheel Walk Run 2011

Well, it ended up after a dismal sounding weather report that Mother Nature heard my plea and sent  us a beautiful day for the walk.

Here are some pics of the event which took place along the Caledon Trail on May 29, 2011

Caledon Enterprise Newspaper Article on Jake's Journey

The whole gang (except me taking pic)

Grandpa and Grandma Rayment walking too & they are in their 70/80's)
(Even Reggie and Archie the dogs joined in)

(2.5 yr old Jesse walked at least 4km & slept like the dead that night)

(Me at the half way point 5.5km down)
 Check out some of the beautiful scenery

(This house is MASSIVE)

Jesse finally giving up and napping
Yup and that is Auntie Sheila teaching Jesse to be a dog

Pretty much everybody walked at least 6km - the only ones who made it the full 11km were Jeff, Holly, Bruce and Myself (Jesse too but he slept half the way back)

Thank you to the following people who helped make the event spectacular

Chef Talk Bistro & Catering Inc.
Tom Kumagai from Snap Caledon

And most of all thanks to the following participants -- you taking part means so much to us

Jennifer Rayment
Jeff Rayment
Jacob Rayment
Jesse Rayment
Pam Rayment
Cliff Rayment
Bruce Rayment
Holly Rayment
Simon Rayment
Sean Rayment
Karen Kltse
Steve Rayment
Sheila Rayment
Clare Rayment
Archie and Reggie Rayment
Tracy Gustaw
Carl Custaw
Tanya Gustaw
Noemia D'emilio
Gabriella D'emilio
Neala D'emilio
Carianne Neale
Brianna Neale
Graham Neale
Melanie Windover
Aria Windover
Callum Windover
Maria Soares
Austin Soares
Olivia Soares
Phyllis Campbell
Natasha Armstrong
Richard Armstrong