Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camping at Six Mile Lake

We couldn't get a campsite at Mikisew or Killbear for our annual camping holiday this year, so we decided to try out Six Mile Lake.  It was nice and close, in fact it took us only 1.5 hrs to get there, which is awesome when you have a child who doesn't like to be in a car (yes that means you Jesse!).   I would definitely recommend it for a quick getaway, but not the greatest place for camping with a trailer. We actually lucked out with our campsite because it was amazing compared to the other sites.  Really a weird set up with some campsites that you parked your car at the bottom and had to climb up to your site.  And others that were just big opens spaces with no privacy.  Ours took us almost 30 minutes to park in (weird angle) but other than that, it was lovely.

The beach was nice for families, with a big open space, lots of place to swim, picnic tables and a playground (which Jesse was obsessed with -- just kept saying big slide, big slide) near by.

Our week was fantastic with lots of swimming, hiking, biking, feeding chipmunks, fishing, watching the snake program, eating yummy pie irons and I just got to spend lots of time with the boys (mostly Jesse, Jake had found friends his age he wanted to hang out with). 

It was a perfect vacation until the last 2 hours of the trip when I took a massive fall with Jesse. I'm still recovering from it and it happened almost a month ago. Thank goodness Jesse wasn't injured in the tumble

Here are some of my favorite pictures (Sorry there are a lot of them)

Jesse, Jake and Scaredy Feeding chipmunks

Ahhh, they are being nice to each other

Big Chute Marine Railway

Pretty falls, cannot remember the name of the town right now
Hiking at Six Mile Lake

Jesse and Jeff on our hike

Don't you just want to hug him, so adorable

Slave Jake and his Master Jesse

Before the fall (Sorry the picture of after are not pretty and will not be included)

Caught playing on the playground - hey I'm a hands on Mom

Jesse's favorite hangout while camping

Jake also enjoyed

Learning about Ontario Snakes
Jesse's 1st fish

Jeff's nemesis the snapping turtle who stalked him while fishing

Pie Irons, if you haven't had one before - its pure heaven

Daddy teaching Jesse how to fish (Jesse caught more than Jeff did that night)

Future Daredevil


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