Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

I know I was going to ONLY post spina bifida related stuff here, but you know I can't seem to help myself. Here are some pictures from Easter Weekend

Toronto Zoo

Frickin Adorable Isn't He?
Best Buds (Brave Bird)

Pretty and oh so dignified Tiger

Jake hiding
Yup they are actually getting along

The Lookout Polar Bear
Honestly they are wrestling kids - thanks for the jinx Andie

Fancy Beaver Tail for Jake and Plain for the rest of us, thanks Indigogreenroom for giving me the craving 

Pucks Farm

Jesse on his 1st Pony Ride

Jake riding his first horse

My Adorable Boys
We played in here for hours!!!!

Jesse on the train

Jake and Jeff  on Ferris Wheel

Jesse and his bike from the Easter Bunny