Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

My Co-worker Denise passed this on to me. I haven't watched it yet (as the only link I can find is for the US only) but thought I would give you all a heads up

Grommesh Family (Link to Full Episode)

Description (From ABC website)

What could possibly be better than giving a deserving family a brand new home? How about giving TWO deserving families a brand new home?!
The Extreme Team is off to Moorhead, Minnesota to surprise the Grommesh family. Garrett Grommesh is a young boy who is paralyzed from the waist down. Think that's enough to stop this truly remarkable kid from doing great things? No way! Garrett's place would be fine for anyone who didn't need a wheelchair. So, he wants to pay it forward and give his house to the family of one of his classmates. Told ya he was remarkable!
The Hajdari family came to America from war-torn Kosovo. Arlinda Hajdari never looked upon Garrett as a kid in a wheelchair. She only ever saw him as her friend. Arlinda and her family have no idea Garrett wants to give them his home. And we have no idea if Ty and the team can actually build two new homes in just seven days!
Ty, Paul, Paige and Eduardo surprise the Grommesh family at an ice skating rink where Garrett plays hockey. The family runs an organization called Hope, Inc., which allows kids with disabilities to play sports in totally cool ways. More on that later. Right now, the Grommesh clan is off to the Bahamas while the Extreme Team jacks up their old house and moves it to a new location where it will eventually get some new owners.
Paul goes on covert mission to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He's on the hunt for top secret plans to create a secret agent room for Garrett. Ty works on the master bedroom for Bill and Adair Grommesh. Paige wants to make a volleyball-inspired room for Garrett's sister, Peighton. Eduardo oversees things at the location of the Hajdari home build.
Remember the Hope, Inc. organization we mentioned earlier? Well, Ty lets the Grommesh family know that they are setting a world record by using the most people in wheelchairs to create a logo. Over 300 people cover a huge field to form the logo for Hope, Inc. The great news doesn't end there. The folks over at CVS pharmacy provide brand new custom wheelchairs for Hope, Inc. so they can break even more records in the future.
The Grommesh family returns from vacation where they meet up with the Hajdari family. They still have no idea they are about get the gift of Garrett's old newly-renovated home. Time to MOVE THAT BUS!
Tears flow as Garrett hands over the keys to his friend Arlinda. The good news keeps coming when both families learn that Concordia College is giving scholarships to all of the children. Now it's time for the Grommesh family to see their new home. So, let's MOVE THAT BUS...AGAIN!
Here's a breakdown of the new home:
• The beautiful two-story home features an amazing front garden area. New concrete covers the front area to provide Garrett with a smooth transition right up to the front door. There's also a sidewalk that stretches around the perimeter of the home.
• The inside has hardwood floors, wide open spaces and there's even an elevator that'll take Garrett to all the floors of the house. Things are looking up!
• The kitchen has all new accessories and a sink that's low enough for Garrett to reach. He may be the first kid ever that actually wants to do the dishes!
• Peighton's room is a volleyball player's dream with the words "bump," "set" and "spike" on the mirrors and a cushy round creation that pushes together as a bed and pulls apart to serve as a hangout spot.
• Garrett says going into his bedroom was like heading into outer space. Makes sense. After all, Garrett wants to someday be the first person to wheel across the surface of moon. The super-cool interactive 3D wall map should satisfy his desire to travel until he heads off to NASA.
• A finger-scanner allows Garrett entry into a secret room with a giant vault filled with all kinds of spy gadgets. Guess Paul's trip to Quantico really paid off!
• The master bedroom is perfect. Adair particularly loves the giant framed picture of her hand holding Bill's in front of a glistening lake.
• Chandeliers in the family's spacious new Hope, Inc. home office feature notes from some the organization's members stating what hope means to them. The office also has a gigantic framed photo of the record-breaking wheelchair-made Hope, Inc. logo.
• Water therapy is very important for someone with spina bifida , so a brand new pool complete with a mechanical chairlift device will assist Garrett anytime he wants to take a swim.
This new house will certainly make life a little easier for Garrett and his family. And this special young man's desire to pay it forward will certainly make life a whole lot better for his friend Arlinda and her family. Guess there's just one last thing to say. Welcome home, Grommesh family. Welcome home.

Pictures, etc: http://abc.go.com/shows/extreme-makeover-home-edition/photo-details/grommesh-family/660145