Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raffle Winners

Just wanted to thank everyone for being so generous with donations and I wish you could have all won. All the prizes were picked out of a basket by Jake - he say's chocolate or itunes bribes would have changed the results LOL!

Raffle Winners

Scrapbooking Package - Dawne H.
Signed YA Pack - Maegan Best
YA Arc's - Kiera Watters
Kelley Armstrong - Jennifer Vallier
Mary Janice Davidson - Evil Andie
Naughty But Nice - Stacy's Books
Electronics - Clare Rayment
Middleschool - Kathy from Bolton
BestSellers - Sarah Hamil
Romance - Janice Guzik
Fiction Arc's - Melanie Windover
Jen's Fav's - Krisi Pontious
Picture Books - Natasha
Hair - Maria Soares
Gardening - Denise Rooney
Kobo  - Casey Telford
Spa Pack - Elizabeth Best


Lavender Lines - Choice of Signed Book
Leora Heilbronn- Choice of Signed Book

I will contact you all to get address' to mail out items -- well when Canada Post goes back to work


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