Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jake's Journey - Spirit Wheel Walk Run 2011

Well, it ended up after a dismal sounding weather report that Mother Nature heard my plea and sent  us a beautiful day for the walk.

Here are some pics of the event which took place along the Caledon Trail on May 29, 2011

Caledon Enterprise Newspaper Article on Jake's Journey

The whole gang (except me taking pic)

Grandpa and Grandma Rayment walking too & they are in their 70/80's)
(Even Reggie and Archie the dogs joined in)

(2.5 yr old Jesse walked at least 4km & slept like the dead that night)

(Me at the half way point 5.5km down)
 Check out some of the beautiful scenery

(This house is MASSIVE)

Jesse finally giving up and napping
Yup and that is Auntie Sheila teaching Jesse to be a dog

Pretty much everybody walked at least 6km - the only ones who made it the full 11km were Jeff, Holly, Bruce and Myself (Jesse too but he slept half the way back)

Thank you to the following people who helped make the event spectacular

Chef Talk Bistro & Catering Inc.
Tom Kumagai from Snap Caledon

And most of all thanks to the following participants -- you taking part means so much to us

Jennifer Rayment
Jeff Rayment
Jacob Rayment
Jesse Rayment
Pam Rayment
Cliff Rayment
Bruce Rayment
Holly Rayment
Simon Rayment
Sean Rayment
Karen Kltse
Steve Rayment
Sheila Rayment
Clare Rayment
Archie and Reggie Rayment
Tracy Gustaw
Carl Custaw
Tanya Gustaw
Noemia D'emilio
Gabriella D'emilio
Neala D'emilio
Carianne Neale
Brianna Neale
Graham Neale
Melanie Windover
Aria Windover
Callum Windover
Maria Soares
Austin Soares
Olivia Soares
Phyllis Campbell
Natasha Armstrong
Richard Armstrong


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