Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things that I am Grateful for!

After a sleepless night last night obsessing over an awkward situation I have found myself in. (I heard second hand that one of my sons friends parents threatened to kill herself and her children and now I feel I need to bring it to attention to those who can help (cops) if the friend who told me won't do it)  I started thinking about how lucky I am and since it is that time of year when everyone thinks about this sort of thing, I thought I would put down all of the things I am grateful for.  I know I was only going to make this blog about Spina Bifida -- well I lied

This is what I am grateful for

  • That eventhough I have a little self esteem problem, I am still a cup half full kinda girl. I always try to find something positive no matter what is going on.  Trust me its a great quality in a parent with special needs -- or lets face it any parent!
  • My boys Jake (sweet boy with a wicked sense of humour) and Jesse ( My little cherub with the devilish personality)
  • Jeff for putting up with my "Interesting" qualities for the last 18 years - & for helping making Jake and Jesse
  • Jake's gleeful and naughty laugh
  • The pure look of joy on Jesse's face when he gets the diaper off and runs for freedom
  • Mom and Dad -  For always being there for us & for knowing that no matter what - they would always be there for us. 
  • Dad- an extra shout out for him because he was so awesome. He had an amazing sense of humour and he truly cared for everyone. No one quite like him!  He taught us about compassion and to always do the right thing, no matter how hard the challenge. Crap, I'm getting all weepy just thinking about how much I miss the quirky fellow.
  • Mom - For putting up with Dad and all his quirky habits and his extremely charitable nature
  • All my friends -- and you know who you are -- who put up with me warts and all. You know I love you!
  • Amanda - Her beautiful soul and wicked sense of humour
  • Natasha - Couldn't make it without her -- even with her lack of taste in movies
  • Carianne - Wise women with a wicked sense of humour and compassion.  Also must mention she gives the best advice - with absolutely no bs!
  • Joan Kavanagh's damn fine Irish Tea, advice & just always being there
  • The extrordinary staff on Neurosurgery at Sick Kids and the staff at Bloorview MacMillan - who have helped us with Jake's Spina Bifida
  • SB&H -  The outstanding staff - who help us and others dealing with the challenges of Spina Bifida.
  •  My job in the library at Humber College -- well most days anyway. Love helping students at Ref Desk and AskON
  • Songs that make you cry (Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwrigh), tap your foot (Anything by Great Big Sea) or just make your heart burst (On my own from Les Miz)
  • The sound of an acoustic guitar being played while hanging around my parents kitchen
  • Snow -- well except for when I am stuck on a Go bus and it takes 2 hours to get from Humber College to Bolton
  • Falling asleep while listening to it rain
  • amalah . com  - For making me laugh my ass off
  • Books - especially ones by Julie Kenner
  • Breakfast TV for keeping me up to date and entertained & for my crush on Frankie
  • Attractive actors who are just more than a pretty face: Nathan Fillion, Anthony Stewart Head, Kevin Kline
  • Joss Whedon - If you do not know who he is or have never watched his work -- you are less of a person ; )  Ok I really didnt like Dollhouse all that much but for him I tried!
  • Daniel Craig -- well except for when he has that cheesy stash
  • Chocolate, Baileys, Australian Merlot's
  • The Internet for helping me keeping in touch with all those I care about, helping make my job easier, letting me enter lots of contests with very little effort and for being able to make complete strangers read my ramblings
  • Glee - Quirky and show tunes, don't have to say more
  • HBO - For bringing us Dexter, Californication and True Love - Thanks you are forcing the networks to try and come up with something new
  • Those mornings where Jeff and the kids let me to sleep in -- Oh never mind that belongs in my fantasy world where I am married to Nathan Fillion and Anthony Stewart Head and Jake doesnt have Spina Bifida
Things I wish could be different -- but can't do anything about - so will not stress over
  • Jake's Spina Bifida
  • Mom and Dad both being gone
  • My lack of Ass -- seriously if I had one, clothes shopping woud be so much easier
  • My horrible singing voice
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Anonymous said...


You are an amazing person Jen. I wish you, Jeff, Jake, and Jesse all the best in the New Year.

And as for the situation, you will do what you need to do. If you feel calling the cops is what is needed, then do it!

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