Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jake's Sick Kids and MRI appointment

Mostly putting this post in as a reminder to contact Dr Dirk's office to get a summary of the results for Jake's medical file

Jake went in for an MRI just before Christmas. He did AMAZING for his first MRI while being awake -- trust me staying still for Jake is something that is extremely hard for him. He was a trooper and only moved his head a couple of times -- the rest of his body -- Perfectly still!!

We went back in January to get the results with his neurosurgeon Dr Dirks at Sick Kids. I will post the technical stuff when I get the notes, but basically Jake is doing great. He has a longer spinal cord than so called "Normal kids" and he has very little reflexes. Normal stuff for a kid with a defect at the L5 S1. And the best news -- we don't have to have an appointment with Dr Dirks for 2 year (unless there are any changes of course) That is fantastic -- not that seeing Dr Dirks is hard cuz he is sort of cute -- and I love to see Diane (unit secretary) but it is great news for Jake! Note to self -- get the frickin records from Dr Dirks!


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