Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help and a Contest (Contest Info Updated)

Any meaningful comments will be added to win a copy of Divergent signed by Veronica Roth - US/Canada Only - ends May 5th at Midnight (My birthday just in case you want to send me a handsome man for a present)

I need your help putting together Raffle Packages

The Following are some ideas I have for packages. Please give me your thoughts, or changes you would make and what you think about cost of raffle tickets

Anyone who makes meaningful comments/suggestions will be put into a draw for a free book w/swag.  Please leave me your email, so I can contact you if you win. Either comment in the comment field or email me at contestmom AT hotmail DOT com

Thinking for cost of raffle - 1 Ticket for $5 or 3 for $10 (You get to choose where your ticket goes)


Jen's Favorite Package 

Kobo signed by Cammy of Indigogreenroom, , Lauren Oliver, Veronica Roth & Meg Cabot + 2 $15 Gift Cards Indigo (Total = Aprox $180 value)

Book Package #1

Naugty but Nice Pack (Includes signed Bertrice Small books not shown and signed Jill Myles Book below)

Part of Pack above signed (plus swag)
Scrapbooking Package

Worth approximately $450
Electronics Package

Fido Moto W3888 Renew+ Cell Phone and Your Shape for Wii with Motion Tracking Camera (Worth Aprox $100)

Haircare Package
Worth Approximately $125
Gardening Food Package
Garden and Food Package (Worth Aprox $100)
Various Book Packages

Signed Kelley Armstrong books plus signed swag by Rachael Caine and Melissa Marr

YA Pack - All Signed (also includes Signed Bloody Valentine by Melissa De La Cruz - not pictured)

MaryJanice - ALL SIGNED

Middle School Pack - 3 Books Signed (Plus not shown signed book by Joel Sutherland)

Romance Package - All Signed

Bestsellers - ALL SIGNED

Picture Book Package (2 more books to come)

ARC Package
YA ARC Package

Various Fiction/Non Fiction Package #1

Various Fiction Package #2
Sighed Charlaine Harris + Signed Jeaniene Frost, Jennifer Estep, Marta Acosta see below)

Signed w/Charlaine Harris Pack




Jaclyn said...

I think these are all crazy good deals for a $5 raffle ticket, especially since a bunch of these books are signed. Now I'm CRAZY about books, but perhaps some more non-book packages might help, in case other people aren't as book crazy as I am?

Also, since some of the packages are so generous (e.g. Romance, Various Fiction/Non-fiction #1 & #2), perhaps a Timmy's GC or a super nice basket-type packaging to bulk up the packages with only three or four books?

Finally, just because I'm a mystery fan, perhaps a mystery package to round out the genres (romance, YA, bestseller)?

Hope that helps...

Evil Andie said...

Love the signed MJD package. Would totally go for that. Also love the trashy romance packages. I agree with Jaclyn that a nothe non book package wood beva good idea. Love the gardening one it is a nice selection. You could also do a package of lottery tickets :-) say on it you could win up to x million. A bath/ spa package of soaps etc could be good

Jaclyn said...

Just a thought... what about adding some non-book swag to the book packages? E.g. A small package of bath salts/body lotion (some sample-size bottles at Bath and Body Works for $1 each) for the romance package, crayons/a small package of jelly beans for the children's book pack, cinnamon hearts for the Sookie Stackhouse package (because it's spicy? :) or maybe fake vampire teeth or something kooky like that?)... You could buy bigger packages of candies and bath salts and other small goodies and just parcel it out. I think it'll just look nicer when packaged. :)

Carianne said...

I think the packages look great! I am totally in!

Denise said...

Hi Jen,
Great prizes and the ticket prices are well priced. I like your friends suggestion about adding a lottery prize package.
All for a good cause!

Holly Reid said...

Hi Jen,

I think you have a great array of prizes. What you probably lack is enough ticket purchasers to raise enough funds worthy of all of your hard work. The suggestions above are great but involve you either getting more prizes or spending some $. How are you getting the word out about your raffle? Are you using twitter and some of your twitter followers to spread the word? What about having a display day at various public libraries or in front of a grocery store or liquor store, Jake's school, etc. A couple of hours at these locations could help you sell more tickets. Maybe do an armslength worth of tickets for $20.

Phyllis Campbell said...

I think you have a great arrangements of raffle prizes. So many books great. However, maybe more gift baskets would be nice. Like fruit, or plant baskets. I also wonder about gift cards. Anyways , you have great prizes.
Phyllis Campbell

imjustmea said...

The packages look amazing. How about a movie-themed package? It could include: 2 or 3 DVDs, microwave popcorn or other snacks, and maybe a couple of movie passes to a local theater?

Natasha A. said...

Great packages, but like Holly said, how to get the word out. Will the authors post something on their blogs and twitter?
Do you want to do an auction like on ebay, or the raffle? How is the money collected? Paypal? (I know we've already talked about some of this).
Seriously though, some great ideas in the comments here.

karen said...

I agree with all the posts above.
You have amazing prizes. I also really think you should use social media to your advantage and sell raffle tickets that way. (ie. Twitter, Facebook)
Another gift idea is perhaps adding a beach package since summer is coming up. ie. beach towel, magazines, beach themed book, sunscreen, etc....

Tabitha Michelle said...

These are really amazing prizes! And the tickets are very reasonably priced. Anyone would be lucky to win.


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