Sunday, May 17, 2009

BT: Breakfast Television

Well, I sort of had some success with Breakfast Television. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it will have to do. On May 21st they will post information about the Spirit Wheel Walk Run, SB&H and my blog. They won't talk about it, but at least the information will be posted and read out loud -- hopefully the exposure will help!

Jake and I are also going to go on June 15th to see BT recorded in person. Jake is really looking forward to watching it live -- since I force him to watch it on TV every morning -- I know "I'm a bad mom" : ) After the filming we are off for his annual visit to Sick Kids and than a tour of the SB&H office. After all that is done "Auntie Holly" is going to take care of Jesse and me and Jake are off to the Science Centre -- the perfect place for a kid with ADHD and touching issues : )

Thanks BT!!!!


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