Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleep Training

I know I was only going to use this blog to talk about Spina Bifida and the SB&H Spirit Wheel Walk Run for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, but I have to add a little blog about this. It's a parenting thing and it was something we had a big problem with Jake on this topic, so I figured what the heck (If I typed Hell -- I would have had to put a loonie in Jake's swear jar)

Let's talk about sleep training! Jake was almost 7.5 (yup only a couple of months ago) before he learned to put himself to sleep. Up until than we either stayed with him or had to come in every 10 minutes until he fell asleep from pure exhaustion. Well, there was no way in heck (lol) that this was going to happen with our newest master, Jesse. So since I knew I wasn't strong enough to train Jesse by myself, I decided to hire a professional to help us with this issue. I first heard about "Sleep Doula's" on BT (Breakfast Television) and I thought to myself -- wow I could use one of those (again paraphrasing because the thought I had to myself included swear words -- and I really dont want to give Jake any more money). So I checked out the website of the one they interviewed and when I saw the price I almost had a heart attack. Her price didnt even include the milage that I would have to pay for her to come to the boonies (Bolton). So since I am a professional (library technician) I decided to do what I do best and do some research into other sleep doulas. I found a women in Mississauga named Debbie and her company "Precious Moments"

She was the same price but didnt charge the extra for mileage, plus she just sounded a little more down to earth and less Sleep Policeish (I know its not a word). So I set up an appointment with her and she came by yesterday. Well, I tell you "IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY". She met with Jesse and me and asked about our schedule. She created a new schedule with us that was going to work better for all involved. Than she showed me all sorts of things that I should do that will help Jesse learn to put himself to sleep. Than we set in motion the routine that I would do to train him so I would no longer have to stress out at nap and bedtime. She explained that it was going to be tough but by about 5 days everything should work itself out. Honestly, I didnt believe her at first, but I figured I would give it a try.

Well, I won't lie -- the first 2 naps were hell on earth. The only way I got through it was by talking to her on the phone (part of the support) and yup thats right folks -- I grabbed Jake's DS and played me some Star Wars Lego. Mind numbing and addictive and maybe me totally toon out the very pissed off baby in the next room (He's used of crying and me being his bitch and come running).

But you know what it kept taking me less time and less crying to get him to sleep -- and its only been 1 and a half days. Last night was awesome too, he only woke up once and it only took us 20 minutes to get him to get back to sleep (I know that sounds like a long time, but its not) Jeff stayed awake with me while he screamed in the middle of the night and made me laugh (also helpful). We kept imagining out loud what Jesse's was really saying each time he cried. Again, I cannot tell you because it involved a lot of unappropriate terminology that would have me paying ALOT of money to the swear jar.

So guys, if your kiddies are having sleep issues (sorry she doesnt train Hubby's) give her a call, she will save your sanity (and your wallet from having to buy all that alcohol to get through stressful bedtimes -- damn why didnt I know about her 7 years ago)

Thats it -- won't be doing much blogging for the next couple of days because of this training. The computer is in Jesse's bedroom and I do not want to bother him when he is sleeping. Hmm, think I will get Jeff to move the computer tonight -- I may go through withdrawal symptoms if I cannot Twitter when I wan't : )


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