Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Video on from I want to learn about Spina Bifida

Here is a post from Amanda Ridding's I want to learn about Spina Bifida blog

Excellent Video

Here is an excellent video of doctors who are participating in the MOMS study explaining spina bifida (myelomeningecele). The MOMS study stand for Management of Myelomeningocele Study and is in the US that is looking at the effects of prenatal surgery to repair the lesion. It has been going on for many years.

Pretty much at 25 weeks the mom (and baby) undergo surgery that would have been done on the baby within the first day or two to close the back. If you participate in the study you are randomly selected to either the postnatal surgery or the prenatal surgery group.

I found a video that is really excellent in explaining a myelomeningocele and everything that goes with it. If you are interested - please check it out!

This video explains how the postnatal repair is done - this is the surgery that is done on every baby that is not participating in the study (as well)

This video explains - and shows video - how the prenatal surgery is done. These pictures are amazing! It also reviews the risks and benefits of prenatal surgery


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