Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Next to childbirth (with Jesse, with Jake it was easy) this is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am getting quite frustrated with it all, I havent had this much rejection since high school.
Why I am frustrated you ask?
1. Most companies have already picked their charities so there is nothing left over for us
2. Local companies willing to donate items are only for the local store which won't work for us since most of the participants do not live in Bolton (part of the safest community in canada)
3. I'm not really creative enough to get anyones attention (I can hear Carianne right now saying Dont be so hard on yourself Jen) to promote this cause.
4. BT won't answer my emails : ) -- probably because of #3 above
5. Companies that are usually good at handing out freebies are too nervous about the state of the economy
6. I REALLY REALLY don't like asking people for stuff -- but I am going to do it because this cause is so important to me.
7. Friends and family are sick of hearing me talk about this. I'm thinking some will stop answering my emails
BTW Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far. I really do appreciate all you have done. Soon this will all be over and you won't have to hear anymore about it.
Please send me questions on things you would like to know about Spina Bifida


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