Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jake's original diagnosis

Jake’s Diagnosis
Pre-surgery: myelomeningocele
Post-surgery: lumbosacral myelodysplasic lesion
On September 12, 2001 at 8:30 in the morning Dr Peter Dirks with the assistance of Dr McDonald (Hottie) and Dr Bin-Mahfoodh repaired the lumbosacral myelodysplasic lesion on Jake’s back. The lesion was 2 ½ x 2 cm at the L5 S1 level of the spine. The lesion was covered with skin (good news) and had what looked like two nerve roots coming up into the lesion –they felt the tissue was nonviable and yielded no evidence of muscle contraction – so they amputated the lesion and sent it to pathology.
I will eventually get Dr Biggar to translate this in to english for us. But basically the Dr said he didn’t have the typical myelomeningocele but more of a lumbosacral myelodysplasic lesion. Still Spina Bifida but not as bad
The physiotherapist did a quick test on Jake before they let us leave Sick Kids and said that he had decreased sensation in his buttocks and the back of thighs and calves.
They also mentioned that Jake will never have control over his bowel and bladder and he will need to use a catheter. They said there was no evidence of hydrocephalus and he will most likely be able to walk normally


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