Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am Shameless

So now I will have to officially name this blog: Confessions of a Charity Whore
As usual I was watching BT this morning and to my amazement there was Jennifer Valentyne at the RockStar in Bolton. So I got Jake off to School, and than Jesse and I jumped into a cab and headed up to the RockStar. I waited to talk to Jennifer in person so that I could give her all the info about the Spirit Wheel Walk Run. I also made one of my handmade buckets filled with Chocolate so that she would remember me and hopefully promote the blog and the Spirit Wheel Walk Run. BTW, she is even more beautiful in person. I also watched her with people and she was extremely approachable and a lot of fun. People really were impressed with her. I was also shameless by dressing up Jesse in his elmer fudd hat so that she would notice him -- I know I am such a bad Mom : ) Jen was really helpful and told me to email the station and have them put up the event in their "Pause for the Cause segment". Jeff suggested that I get the BT Crew to join in the walk -- what do you think - I wonder if they would go for it -- Worth a try

Here's a picture of my future"Womanizer" and Jen


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