Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Incredible people

We have been extremely lucky to have had all sorts of help from the medical community for Jake. These are just a few of the many wonderful people who have helped:
Dr Peter Dirks: performed surgery at Jake the day after he was born. Incredible Dr, sort of cute and great sense of humour
Diane: unit secretary for Neurosurgery at Sick Kids – Awesome girl, remind me to tell you about the soother story. Always friendly!
Auntie Shiela: Nurse and sister in law extraordinaire. Explained what was going on in plain english (Dr’s really not good at this)
Sick Kids Hospital Neurosurgery NICU team
Sick Kids Hospital – Outstanding hospital – do everything to make kids better – the only negative I have to say is – they really need to get better Breast Police!!!!!
Mt Sinai Special Pregnancy Unit: Including awesome Dr. Kingdom
Mt Sinal NICU – made me feel better by referring to Jake as the big baby
Dr MacDonald – Hot Neurosurg fellow at Sick Kids – didn’t really talk to him much, but he was sure yummy to look at.
Bloorview Kids Rehab – Everybody is incredible – not a bad one in the bunch!
Dr Biggar: Dr at Bloorview. Incredible man and superb Dr – One of the few to explain things in plain english
Jenny Cooke: Ambulatory nurse at Blooview (She’s not there anymore and I really really miss her. We had many a many conversations on Poop – big topic when you have a child with spina bifida
Gert Mongomery – Social Worker at Bloorview – I will give her the highest compliment that she reminds me of my Dad. Cannot tell you how many times she saved my sanity. She has done incredible with Jake!!!!
Andrea Snider: Psychologist at Bloorview. She has been outstanding at helping us with Jake’s anxiety and confidence Issues.
Michaela – Nurse from St Elizabeth Health Care: Saved my sanity and got me addicted to Tim’s
Helen Sklarz: Spina bifida and hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. Great sense of humour. I like her even though she is the one who got me started on being the charity whore this year
Shauna Beaudoin: Spina bifida and hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. She has provided us with so much information and help I can never thank her enough.
The Spina bifida and hydrocephalus Association of Ontario – Exceptional help for those living with Spina Bifida and their families!!!!
I would also like to thank my incredible group of friends (you know who you are) for just being yourselves – and accepting me for the kooky girl I am. (No that is not being down on myself, that’s just the truth : )
And of course my Porter and Rayment families – who love me even though I can’t ski worth a damn
If I forgot anyone, I am very sorry – new mommy brain you know (Hey its my excuse and I will keep using it)


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