Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why I love BT and City TV

And btw, this is not a blatant ass kiss, people have been asking why I am going on and on about BT – and why I want Kevin and the gang to mention my blog. But, if any of you CityTV people see this – please promote on BT!

I have been watching CityTV for as long as I can remember. I used to watch City Limits, Toronto Rocks (with my crush John Major who read a letter about me on air) and Cityline (have even been in the audience when Dini Petty was host as well as Marilyn Dennis) religiously. These are just a few of my favourite on-air personalities and reasons why I love BT

1. Incredibly multicultural! They also hire the disabled – which is almost unheard of in the media. For a mom of a disable child, this is an awesome opportunity to show your child that they can do anything!

2. Not everyone is stereotypically beautiful

3. They goof up and don’t try to hide it. As someone who goofs up regularly, it’s nice to see.

4. The BT gang are hilarious, kooky and real – It doesn’t look like there is a diva in the bunch. Just a little example:

5. Some of the best shows have been on City TV or affliates over the years: Chuck, Buffy, Star Trek, Reaper -- just to name a few!

Favourite Personalities

Kevin Frankish – Ok I think I have a small crush on him – but he’s just so adorable and honest! Ok and the suspenders are a turn on.
Frankie Flowers – Has actually inspired me not to kill any plants this year – This is a big challenge since I am so bad with plants I have even managed to kill a cactus
Dina – Ok, I have to be honest I didn’t like her the first time I saw her because – well she’s a hottie and I’m not -- but by the first week I loved her too, because she is so kooky and she always makes the guests feel at home.
Marc Daily – The most distinctive voice in media and just an interesting guy in general. All the work he did while he was ill was amazing.
Ann Rohmer – How can you not like a woman who loves animals that much. Also she has Trey from the Human Society on all the time and he’s just a cutie.
Jennifer Valentyne: I've been watcher her since she was the CityTV prize queen. She is always up for tryin anything and she has a beautiful voice!
These are just a few of my favs -- My lord and master is waking up so I have to make this quick : (

Now BT if you do happen to come here – COME ON promote my blog so that I can raise money for SB&H and for my son who has Spina Bifida (He now watches BT with me in the morning and doesn’t beg me to change the channel anymore). Also check out my Facebook Cause page at:

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