Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warped Sense of Humour

As a parent of a child with special needs, you need to develop two things -- Inner strength and a sense of humour. I am still working on the first thing, but I have really developed a sense of humour -- a truly warped sense of humour!
If you are offended by my sense of humour, I am sorry, but it is something that has developed after living through some tragic events. It has kept me from breaking down and for that I am thankful. The following are just some examples of our warped sense of humour relating to our life as parents of a child with special needs. BTW, Jake is also developing a great sense of humour which I truly believe will help him with his disability

"Well I guess he is going to have to be a plumber": Said after Jake had the surgery at less than 24 hours after his birth to remove the lesion. He has a scar that goes down his backside (plumbers crack)
"I guess we cannot punish him by spanking his bottom" - Said after we found out that Jake has limited feeling in his buttocks. (We say this to Jake a lot and he thinks its hilarious)
"Well I guess we won't have to worry about him touching himself in public all the time" - Said after we found out that he also has limited sensation in his privates.
"Don't cry over spilled milk" - Jeff said this to me after I started crying histerically after I had pumped my milk for like two hours and than dropped it on the floor
Other examples we refer to my postpartum depression with Jake as the time his mom went wacky. BTW, I am not making light of PPD, its just our way of bringing up the topic -- and making it less of taboo subject.
I am sure there are some more examples but I am frickin tired after being up all night with Pox boy. Now I am off to watch my BT which I PRV'd this morning.


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