Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home With Jake

It’s funny how hard it is to look back and remember all the stuff that happened. Also funny to see how much I have changed since Jake was born. I used to be so Shy, had zero confidence and well quite frankly zero personality (hmm confidence issues or what).
Case in point the only thing anybody I went to public school or high school with only remembers me as the chick that had a crush on Mike Tinker for years.

Anyway off topic as usual – that hasn’t changed. The first few days home were hell – as every new parent knows. We just had a few extra worries on top of no sleep and what the hell are we doing with this new creature. We had to catharsize (sp) him every couple hours, keep a chart on when and how much he went to the bathroom and change his dressing. And not to mention the fact that I was now freefalling into postpartum depression. We also had to go to tons of Dr’s appointments at Sick Kids and Bloorview Kids Rehab. It was insane I honestly don’t remember all the things that happened at this time – it is a total blur. As I remember I will put them in this blog – but don’t hold your breath –the memory thing doesn’t work to well these days.

We did however have lots of help from various nurses, Auntie Shiela, Bloorview Kids Rehab and Sick Kids – but they couldn’t be there all the time. They helped us understand Jake’s condition, what we may expect in the future and how best to help Jake become the very best he could be. We got a crash course in Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, ADHD, and all of the complications that go along with these things. I will explain as best I can about all of these things in future posts. And hopefully in simple language cause believe you me I wish there was a Spina Bifida for Dummies -- because it is all so complicated.

Gotta go our newest Lord and Master Jesse has awoke and does not like to be ignored. He does not have Spina Bifida, but believe you me – he has his own issues (I’m seeing
Anger Management courses in the future for him)


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