Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What we need

Hi Everyone
A lot of people have been asking what exactly we are looking for, so here's the answer.
Donation of free product coupons such as: Free slice of pizza, free coffee, free bottle of water, free foot cream, etc
Prizes: Gift Cards would be best from companies such as Walmart, Chapters, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, HomeSense, Home Depot, Sportcheck etc
Donations of Cash in order to buy 150 $2 Tim Cards

Also looking for pledges for my personal walk. Donations can be sent to me personally or you can use your credit card online. I will provide the info to those who are interested. You can contact me at
Next post will be all about what I have been doing for the charity, who I have contacted and how much begging I have done so far
Also looking for a good nickname, Jeff has been calling me "Charity Whore" and "Telemarketer" -- Need something better than these.
Thanks and sorry about the begging BUT my boys mean everything to me!



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