Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Prize Day

Well, eventhough Jesse was cranky and keeping me busy all day -- I did at least get some great prizes for the Spirit Wheel Walk Run
The local Dairy Queen is donating some cash -- will post more about that when I pick it up tomorrow.
My favourite book store - Forester's Book Garden in Bolton has donated some kids books. If you get a chance drop on by this awesome store. The owners are fun and know everything about books and authors (hey I am a Library Technician -- this is an important thing for me). They also do a lot of promotion on local authors such as my fav Humber professor John Steckley!!! They also have the most adorable dog who is always in the store. They are definately worth the drive to Bolton
And last but not least my favourite real estate agent Sarah Fleming dropped off 4 $50 gift cards for Walmart. Sarah is a fantastic real estate agent (not pushy, knows her stuff) and just a fun sweet lady. Honestly, I really admire her and highly recommend her as an agent. She does everything to help you find a place and to sell your place for as much as she can -- she also doesn't suger coat stuff -- which for those who know me -- is a quality I admire.
BTW -- the above comments are not just because they donated stuff -- I just wanted you to know a little more about them.
Also if you are looking for a real estate agent, give Sarah a shout -- you will not regret it - GUARANTEED BY ME.
Well thats it for me tonight -- too tired to write anything else. Cross your fingers that Jesse doesn't have me keep putting the soother in his mouth all night


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