Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was an AMAZING day -- 1st Jake had a great day at school -- phew. Those of you that are parents of kids with ADHD you understand that a great day at school -- is a rare thing : )
And my other incredible news is that 2 of my favourite authors are donating a signed copy of one of their books for prizes. This is wonderful and very generous. Also I was shocked by how quickly they replied to me. Now most of those who know me -- know how much I love both of these authors -- but for those who don't -- you have to read their stuff.
Bertrice Small - Mostly historical romance novels and some erotica. Excellent storyteller -- and historically accurate which is a big thing for me. My friend Melissa got me addicted to her in College and I now own all but I think 2 of her novels (missing a couple of the naughty books which are harder to find in repressed Bolton). Take a looksy into her novels - I know you will not be disappointed! She also has a monthly contest for those who are interested.
Julie Kenner - I cannot say enough nice things about this author. Her novels are hilarious and I dare you not to laugh out loud at some of her writing. I cannot remember what magazine I read that mentioned her book "Carpe Demon" but it sounded like a fun novel so I picked it up. It was sort of like if Buffy the vampire slayer had grown up and moved to the suburbs. After I finished it -- I went straight to and picked up everything else she had written. Have not been disappointed yet. From reading her blog I also would have to say she is an amazing women with a GREAT sense of humor. Check her out at Don't forget to look at her blog too
So feeling pretty good now -- think I will have luck with my 3rd fav author -- Stephen King : ) Yup, I'm thinkin probably not too -- but I am going to try -- "Never give up, Never Surrender"
Hey I can always tell him how I made Jeff drive out of our way to Bangor, Maine on the way home from a wedding in New Brunswick (as Jeff would say 8 hours out of our way) just to take a picture of his house and stop at the local bookstore which specializes in his stuff. Went to the book store, took a few pictures of fictional landmarks, took a picture of his house and drove off. Never bothered him at all -- think he would appreciate that?
If anyone knows his email address -- give me a shout!


Anonymous said...

I still think that is SOOOO cool! Good job Jen! Aka - contest ho!

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